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    The Imperial Jet Card

    The Imperial Jet Card program affords you the opportunity of private jet travel with logistical conveniences.  It will benefit anyone flying at least 5 to 6 times per year.  The jet card program allows you to have monies on account that is held solely for the purposes of your private jet charters, similar to a debit account.

    •    There is NO FEE to join the Imperial Jet Card program.
    •    There is NO SET NUMBER OF HOURS you must fly in a given time frame.
    •    There is NO JET CATEGORY RESTRICTION, so your plane is always perfect for your trip.

    The Imperial Jet Card has been warmly received by those who have paid too much and received too little for private aviation. Numerous publications and articles written about us and the service we provide our clientele have been recognized worldwide.

    The most important advantage of an Imperial Jet Card is the ability to “lock in” a plane before the price goes up.  Prices vary based on the date of your flight and the availability of aircraft.  You know the process.  First you get a quote.  Then you accept terms by returning the signed quote.  Then you either charge your credit card or wire in the funds.  Then, and only then, are we officially able to secure the aircraft.

    Our ability to save you money is greatly enhanced when you purchase a jet card.  The time spent during the transfer of funds has great value.  Depending on what part of the world you are in, there could be a 24-96 hour waiting period for funds to officially hit the account if you choose to secure the plane by wire.  In that time window, the perfect jet for the perfect price could have been taken by someone else.  On any jet, there is a distinct possibility of a 15% to 20% increase in cost for the next best option.

    The Imperial Jet Card program makes perfect sense for clients who fly more than 5 to 6 times per year, clients who tend to make arrangements at the very last minute, clients who have to transfer funds from outside the United States, and clients who aren’t interested in purchasing their own aircraft.

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